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Your pet's safety, comfort and well-being are our priority.

It is our goal to get to know your pet well, creating a bond of comfort and leadership. Dogs under Susan's care see her as the leader of the pack; they enjoy each others company and learn the basic habits of group etiquette. Running, playing, swimming and sharing treats are all part of the learning experience. Coastal Cottage Critter Care is based on a successful model of POSITIVE reinforcement of good behavior.

We first met Susan after adopting our rescue puppy, Flannery. As a dog whisperer, she helped us to train Flannery, provided us with advice and support, and answered a ton of questions concerning caring for and raising a healthy dog. Flannery looks forward to spending time with her, whether seeing her when we hike together or when he spends alone  time at her home. I have witnessed Susan work miracles with other puppies and dogs in her care. You won’t be disappointed by the care she provides. 

Tim and Melissa Geelan,  Guilford CT


"We were so lucky to find Coastal Cottage Critter Care when we moved to Madison.

Susan Yoshimine loves dogs. She REALLY loves dogs! We feel so happy and confident that our Otto is in the best of care when he runs to Susan’s morning dog-bus, leaps inside to see his friends, and drives off in search of a great hiking trail with some water to play in!


Susan is a great communicator and will always send a mid-hike text and photo on what the “pack“ is up to. The group hike is a great way for your family dog  to stay socialized and to get some vigorous exercise. Our Otto will spend the morning with Susan and then come home so happily tired.


Susan is a delight to be with. She’s got boundless energy and a great sense of humor. She lights up our home when she comes in for pick-up and drop off.

Rich Vancil

West Madison

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