Coastal Cottage Critter Care

We treat our guests like family!

After years of experimenting with house-sitters, kennels and calling in favors from friends and family, we discovered an approach to boarding that really works. Coastal Cottage is based on a successful model of in-home, family-focused pet care that provides a safe, intimate alternative to traditional dog-boarding. We come to your pet to deliver quality experienced care.


It is well know that dogs are pack animals. With domestication, the pack has been replaced by the human family and dogs are often lonely and  confused when they are left at home alone. That’s where we come in! Our in-home animal care is designed to provide your pet with the comfort, attention and security of home - including a regular feeding and exercise schedule just like the pack they are used to.  We are available for overnight or extended stay visits, at your home. Our routine includes vigorous morning walks, mid-day play, evening walks, regular meals tailored to suit your dogs needs and home skills.


Specific arrangements are made for puppies, and elderly dogs alike. We often work with dogs on medication and stick to strict schedules regarding this.


Your pet’s safety, comfort and well-being are our number one priority.

Holly Berry (on the left) is always smiling and makes most others, animals and humans alike, do the same. She is a gracious and a welcoming friend waiting to meet your special family member(s). 

"We left our animals at home  confident that they would get excercise and lots of attention, and that our cat Jake would always be safe inside at night."​ Thanks Susan and family.


Danielle Leroux, pet owner, Plainfield, CT


“Susan is a lifelong animal ower and lover, I would highly recommend you check out 'Coastal Cottage Critter Care'  ​for your pets home-away-from-home needs."

Cynthia Riegle, Riegle Animal Care

formerly of Madison, CT




1:30 pm - 3pm (by appointment only)



Guilford,Madison,Clinton & Chester

Mobil  (805) 403-6171

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